Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baylor Fun Days

Baylor loves to swim.  We typically only go to the pool once a week for our family day which just wasn't enough for her so we found this little pool to use in our backyard.  The trial run seemed to be quite successful.  

Last Saturday out at the gold mine was Family Fun Day.  So Brett and Baylor headed out for the afternoon with the McNeals (I wasn't feeling well) for a day of super fun.  They had big blow up bouncy toys, a giant slip and slide, a book booth, bake sale, barbeque, raffle, fair-type games for kids and even face painting.  Baylor settled just for a hand though.

By far, Baylor's favorite part of the day were the prizes for the games she played--namely, candy.  We don't let Baylor have candy very often so when she does get it, she has difficulty concentrating on anything other than sweet deliciousness in her mouth (including looking at the camera).  All in all, fun times for the little one.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Words

Despite her constant babbling, Baylor is not exactly ahead of the game on talking.  Learning two languages at the same time (I assume) is confusing and thus, we have a toddler who doesn't talk too much.  She does, however, understand a great deal in both English and Swahili.  She loves to clean and when she spills something we tell her to go to the kitchen, get a rag, and come clean it up.  This she does with abandon.  No milk puddles on our floor.

She loves animals and can say dog, cow, and twiga (Swahili for giraffe).  She also loves to moo.  Her new favorite words though, are "uh oh" and "no."  I'm pretty sure I hear those words at least 50 times each a day.  I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that one of Baylor's first words is "no" since she hears it so often from her parents, but still, I wouldn't mind a "yes" on occasion.

She has started calling both me and Brett "mama."  I'm not sure why she does this because she can say "baba" (what Baylor calls Brett -- it's Swahili for daddy) and when I say "take this to Baba" she does.  It's amusing to me; not so much for Brett.

I'm looking forward to when she starts talking more.  Partly because I think Baylor will be less frustrated because she'll be able to communicate better and partly because kids say funny things and I think it will be entertaining.