Monday, November 28, 2011

Baylor the Ladybug

I can't say Halloween has ever been my favorite holiday.  I never disliked it, but it just couldn't compare with Thanksgiving and Christmas.  My opinion might have been different as a candy-loving child.  But now that I have a child old enough to enjoy the holiday herself, I find that I like it more.  It's fun to get Baylor dressed up and get to see her so excited about going to all the houses.  

This first picture was in San Antonio at the Trunk or Treat at my aunt and uncle's church.  Baylor is with Batman, otherwise known as Gage, my cousin's son.  They had a lot of fun together.  

We were in Searcy, Arkansas for actual Halloween night and were able to trick or treat with my aunt and uncle there.  They have a great neighborhood for festivities and there were a ton of kids out.  Baylor would go up to the door, say "trick treat", "thank you", and then turn to me and say "more?"  She caught on quickly to the fact that she could only go to the houses with the front porch lights on and would immediately start running for the next one.

Notice the healthy crackers are off to the side by themselves.

I think another reason I liked Halloween so much this year was because it was a holiday I could actual celebrate the exact same way as when we lived in the States.  We try to replicate things as much as possible in Tanzania but somehow it's just not the same.  We enjoy them still, but not in the same way.  I'm glad we were able to be in America for at least one major holiday.