Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Worms and More

Our family has seemed to be a little bit sick for a long time.  There has hardly been a time in the last several months when all of us have been well.  Last week I was treated for worms and Brett for giardia the week before that.  But we've still had lingering problems and Baylor has been complaining of a tummy-ache so we decided to just all go get tested for anything that could be found.  The results: Baylor has worms, I have an amoeba and Brett has both an amoeba and bilharzia.  My teammate Alicia said maybe we should all start eating lint off the floor as it seems to have worked for Harper. Ha. 

We have all our medicine now so things should be improving.  I was reading through the accompanying information for my medicine last night and among the list of 20 or so side effects were listed "furry tongue" and "anorexia."  I am left to wonder whether I might actually grow fur on my tongue or if I will just feel like I have fur on my tongue.  I feel this incredibly technical medical term is a little vague.  And anorexia?  Can a medicine I take for 5 days really do that?  I'm going to assume they really mean loss of appetite and just lost something in the translation.  I always find lists of side effects a little humorous.  

So that's what's going on with us lately -- that and Brett ran the Kilimanjaro marathon this past weekend despite the amoeba, bilharzia, and a cold on top of it all.  He has more stick-to-it-ness than I do.  Way to go Brett!


  1. Hope you are all feeling better and that you didn't develop a furry tonque!! Has Brett been in Lake Victoria?

  2. I know this is a year later, but anorexia is actually loss of appetite and anorexia nervosa is the illness.

    I hope everyone recovered from the worms in a short time.